Stuck in emotional pain, repeating the same old stories?

Want to find inner peace and feel happy about your family?

Heal your family relationships and reconnect to the power of your ancestry

with Andreas Goldemann,
Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive

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Love, connection, trust.

Acceptance, belonging, support when you need it.

Joy, appreciation, a sense of pride and contentment for all that you are and all that you have created with those closest to you.

These are just some of the benefits of a healthy family life.

But what if you haven't had a happy childhood?

Is it your fault, if a family member mistreats you, or misfortune strikes your family?

What can you do, if you're struggling in your relationships and can't find a way to create that warm family feeling?

It's not your fault.

But it's up to you to get unstuck.

The fact is, if you haven't had the best experience of family life growing up, you'll likely continue to have problems as an adult — not only in your family, but in every area of life.

Does this mean you're stuck forever?

Can you find inner peace?

The love, acceptance and belonging you've been missing?

The answer is: yes, you can.

There is a fast, easy and effective way to get to the root causes of your problems, and transform them — for good.

This method requires almost no effort.

You'll soon discover how easy it can be to find the happiness you are seeking.

First, it's important to understand how your family and ancestry are affecting you on every level of your being: physically, mentally, emotionally and on a soul level.

Then, you will see how easily you can transform negativity in a natural, holistic way and restore balance on all levels.

Your problems begin before you do.

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, "Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man."

It's now understood that the most crucial milestones in your life occurred in your childhood, so that by age 7 you were already heavily conditioned.

Your nervous system is calibrated in response to your environment and the quality of love and care you receive in those early years.

This means that your baseline mood, the way you experience yourself and the way you respond to stress are largely set early on — with significant consequences to your physical, mental and emotional well-being later on, in your adult life.

Hopefully you did not suffer because of violence, abuse, abandonment, or serious health / mental health issues in your family, but seemingly less severe family issues also leave a big mark.

Family problems like:

- physical or emotional distance

- communication issues

- money problems

- arguments and fights

- lack of work/life balance

- unfaithfulness

- sibling rivalry and difficult children

are very common, but no less harmful.

They undermine your sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and your ability to lead a healthy, happy life.

Are you carrying generational baggage?

Studies in the field of epigenetics explain how trauma is passed down from generation to generation.

Researchers have found that traumatic experiences cause chemical changes in our bodies, which affect how our genes express.

These changes are then passed down through the generations, so that your own state of mental and emotional health may be adversely affected by events that happened a very long time ago in history.

War, famine, abuse, abandonment, and other traumatic events that your ancestors experienced may still be causing adverse physical, mental and emotional effects in you now.

It's possible you never made that connection before, but perhaps you will recognise these indicators of generational trauma in your own family.

Was your family:

- emotionally numb, or have great difficulty about discussing feelings?

- trust issues, especially with "outsiders", or prone to conflicts?

- anxious and overly protective of children or other family members, even when there is no real threat of danger?

If so, you have more than your fair share of "baggage".

Your painful history is sabotaging your success and happiness in life.

Will you be another link in the chain of unhappiness?

Or will you break free and write a new history?

Break the chain of unhappiness.

Start a new life of joy.









It's time to break the mold.

Regain the power to create your own life.

Decondition yourself.

Reclaim your authenticity.

Release those past influences from you, your life, your family — now.

You have to release all the painful memories and the negative thoughts and emotions you're carrying with you, so that you can create the life you want.

Dinner, not drama.

No more criticism, mistrust and disconnection.

Set the scene for healthy, loving relationships.

Build your life on self-confidence and self-esteem, and discover how much more it has to offer.

Change your life now and set a new paradigm for the future without:

- spending years in therapy

- attending expensive workshops

- struggling to fix everything yourself.

There is an easy way to get to the very root of the negative imprints you've been carrying in your system and release them — once and for all.

A new vibration

Science has shown that everything in existence is made of energy, pulsing, vibrating at different frequencies.
Everything that makes you who you are, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, is such a pattern, a wave of energy and information.

Negative experiences and associated emotions  — such as those you had in childhood, or carry from your ancestry — exist on this vibrational level.

It is on this level that you can easily release the negative patterns, no matter how far back in time they came to be.

All you have to do is to sit back and watch specially recorded video sessions that transmit Andreas Goldemann's unique intuitive gift.

"Andreas Goldemann's work is the most powerful I have ever experienced... I felt lighter, happier, and more alive, and much more centered in my body. An experience that continues today. The world needs talents like Andreas Goldemann and I highly recommend him and his work."

Annette Deyhle, Ph.D.
Research Coordinator, HeartMath Institute, Boulder Creek, CA

Meet Andreas Goldemann,
Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive

Andreas Goldemann has been sharing his extraordinary intuitive gift for more than 20 years, helping more than 100.000 people regain their freedom and joy of life.

Using an unique form of movement, sound and reflection, Andreas Goldemann is able to release all those old experiences from your consciousness and your structure — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This life-changing intuitive work, enables you to transform the negativity of the past into love, peace and pure joy of living.

Andreas Goldemann's method is completely unique.

Andreas Goldemann uses movement, sound and reflection.

He sings in an ancient language of the Soul to open up closed structures and release negative energies, so that you are free — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It doesn't matter when it happened.

You may have no way of knowing exactly what happened in your early years, or further back in your family and ancestral history.

The original causes of negative emotions that are still affecting you through to your bones, your cells, your DNA, may be hidden too far back in history.

Thanks to his intuitive gift, Andreas Goldemann is able to work directly on the field to restore harmony.

He can detect where the energy has become blocked in your system.

Through his movement and sound, using his voice and an ancient language of Celtic/Druidic origins, Andreas Godlemann opens the tight, blocked areas.

He offers a new vibration of harmony and peace, restoring balance to your system.

Through reflection, he offers your system new positive information.

Qualities that may have been missing from your life, from your family and ancestry, are now available to you.

On a deep, cellular level, you remember what it's like to be joyful. Light.

As the old patterns cease to exist in your body, you feel lighter and brighter.

You reconnect with the vibration of unconditional love and acceptance.

You experience the vitality, creativity and joy of pure Being.

No longer carrying your history in your body, you stop repeating the same old stories.

You see things differently.

You think differently.

Others can't help but respond differently to you.

You are positive and resourceful, surprising others — and yourself! — with new grace and ease in your relationships.

Finally, you're free to write your own destiny.

Create the life you want for yourself.

No more hidden blocks getting in the way.

No stone unturned.


Andreas Goldemann has created a comprehensive program, specifically to heal family and ancestral problems.

"The Power of the Ancestors: Heal Your Family Relationships and Reconnect to the Power of your Ancestry" consists of 13 video sessions, each addressing specific concerns: the root causes of your problems.

Over the course of the program, Andreas Goldemann covers all the obvious problems, as well as the more esoteric causes of pain, disconnection and misfortune.

Is your misfortune caused by a curse?

Have you been feeling strangely disconnected because of a lost twin?

Andreas Goldemann uncovers and transforms every hidden block to your happiness and peace of mind.

"In no time, I was able to solve problems that I have been experiencing on a cellular level. I now understand that there are no limitations in the field of healing."

Kathryn Cooper, MAcOM, LAC, EAMP
Blue Heron Healing Center, Port Angeles, WA

Reclaim the freedom, power and joy of healthy ancestry.


 Start writing a new history with

Andreas Goldemann's

The Power of the Ancestors

13 Video Sessions that will

Change Your Life


1. Welcome your current incarnation and the field of consciousness of your ancestors.

When your Soul comes into this body, it draws on the genetic pool of your ancestors.

By watching this session, you will awaken to the awareness of yourself as a Soul in a chosen body.

This gives you the power to define yourself and create the life of your dreams, whilst drawing on your ancestry for solutions and advantages.

Instead of being the victim, you can be the one others look up to and trust to find solutions.

This session is especially helpful, if you want to:

- turn your life round, or make a new start

- build your trust in yourself, your self-confidence

- attract people who love and appreciate you for who you are.

By the end of the session, you will feel it in your bones: you're much more powerful than you think.

2. Open yourself to the abundance of your ancestors.

Have you been carrying the imprint of poverty and lack from your family and ancestry?

This session helps you to let go of lack and connect with paradigms of success and prosperity instead.

On an energetic level, the solution to having the abundance you seek already exists.

Andreas helps you to connect with the perfect solution to more:

- love and appreciation

- radiance and vitality

- financial freedom and prosperity

and all the good things in life, which is already present in your own, original blueprint and the collective field of your ancestry.

Would you like to live your life feeling joyful and abundant?

3. Let go of collective pain bodies.

You have immense potential within you, but it's overshadowed by collective pain.

Your family history encompasses many generations' worth of feuds, wrongdoings and trauma — all present inside your genes.

In addition, war, disease, famine, poverty, neglect, abuse, loss — everything that makes us suffer remains in the collective energy field and affects you too, as an individual, without you realising.

This collective pain is like another layer on your body. You don't notice it, because you're so used to it, but it keeps you stuck in a lower vibrational state.

Watch this session to release collective pain from your system, so that you can be:

- lighter in body, mind and spirit

- free to be and express yourself

- able to achieve greater success and happiness in your life

no matter what anyone else thinks, says or does.

Now you can show the world your inner greatness: shine your light for all to see.

4. Let go of limiting religious patterns

Your connection with Spirit doesn't have to be limited by religion.

This session helps you to open up your chakras, the main energy centres in your body, so that you can strengthen your direct connection with God or Source.

In truth, you are an extension of Source energy.

This session enables you to:

- free yourself from limiting beliefs

- connect with others more easily

- feel positively inspired and free

so that you can more easily pursue your goals, connect and grow with others.

Life is a joy, when you're feeling both free and connected.

5. Release vows, bonds, spells and imprecations.

Things often go wrong, when there is bad luck in the family.

If there is a repeating pattern of meeting the wrong people, failing, getting into debt, being betrayed, exploited, or otherwise victimised and enslaved, this could be because of a spell put on your family.

It is also possible that your own old vows are causing you unhappiness.

If you vowed to remain chaste or faithful to the same person forever in a past life, for example, this may still be affecting you now, stopping you from finding happiness in your marriage or relationship.

In this session, Andreas Goldemann explains more about these powerful causes misfortune and unhappiness in your family and helps you to:

- release old vows, curses, spells and other negative energies from your system

- recover your energy and reclaim your sovereignty

- enjoy good fortune

so that you can find happiness and get ahead in life.

You will breathe a big sigh of relief, when you have broken free from the bonds that enslave you.

6. Let go of entity energies.

You take showers, clean your teeth, wash your hair and so on as part of your physical hygiene, but do you ever clean your energy body?

Your etheric body is an important part of your energetic structure — and it probably needs cleaning.

All kinds of non-physical entities, implants and other types of energetic influence can easily become attached to your etheric body, causing you significant ill effects.

Mood swings, negative thoughts and emotions, tiredness, lack of focus, self-destructive habits and behaviors are typical signs of energetic "pollution" in your system.

In this session, Andreas Goldemann gives your entire energetic structure a very thorough cleanse, so that you can:

- find relief from the negative symptoms caused by energetic attachments

- recover your inner peace and equilibrium

- regain mental clarity and authority

and be your own master, free from harmful outside influences.

Having clear energy means you can put your best self forward in your life and in your family.

7. Release the influence of TV, digital channels and other outside sources.

A recent study from the American Psychological Association has shown how daily news consumption causes increased stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleep loss and many more mental and physical health issues.

The stress-related hormones, namely cortisol, have been linked to inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease and other serious health concerns.

It doesn't end there.

The media you're exposed to on a daily basis (and have been for decades) constantly program your mind.

Unconsciously, you absorb negative programming that affects your thoughts, emotions and choices about your life.

This session helps you to release negative programming from your structure, so that you can have:

- improved mental and physical health

- clearer perspective on life

- more freedom to create your life

without limiting beliefs about health, prosperity, longevity — or anything else — arising from negative media influences.

You have the opportunity to free your mind and heal your body.

8. Create a good family constellation and heal your family of origin.

It's hard enough to manage relationships within your immediate family.

There's an even more complex network of relationship dynamics that encompasses your extended family and ancestry.

Despite your best efforts, you will have great trouble finding peace and equilibrium within you, if your family system is out of balance.

The solution lies on restoring balance on an energetic level.

Contrary to other approaches, Andreas Goldemann's method means that you can heal your family system yourself, without needing other people present.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and watch this session to restore balance in your family of origin and enjoy:

- better communication

- more trust

- healthy interdependence

instead of disconnection, power struggles and unhealthy co-dependency.

You can feel nourished and supported by your family, whilst you're confidently creating the life you want for yourself.

9. Integrate unborn twins and stillborn children

Little compares to the pain of losing a child. But what if you're influenced by such a loss, energetically, without even knowing?

If you experience a strange feeling of loss or loneliness, it could be because of an unborn twin or lost child in your family system.

In this session, Andreas Goldemann explains more about this type of energetic influence, and helps you to restore balance.

If you have lost a child, you will find great solace here.

If you are not aware of such a loss, watching this session will bring you new:

- perspective on life

- feeling of wholeness

- lightness in your heart

which will be felt by your entire family.

Be the one who heals the past and brings wholeness back to your family.

10. Open up for new relationships and let go of ex-partners (current life).

It's like cleaning up after a party.

Whether or not you had a good time, it's necessary to clear and reclaim your space in order to make room for a new experience.

If you are still carrying imprints from previous marriages and relationships, you won't have the space to enjoy the best you can today.

This session helps you release negative energies from previous relationships, so that you can have a more harmonious and fulfilling partnership now.

Other benefits of this session include:

- healthier, more vital sexuality

- increased attractiveness

- deep sense of worthiness

all of which help you attract a vibrant new relationship, or put the spark back into your existing partnership.

All of life is sweeter, when you enjoy loving intimacy.

11. Open up for new relationships and let go of ex-partners (past lives).

You may not remember your past-life relationships, but they still live in you.

Clearing your relationship "baggage" is not complete, until you clear past-life energies, soul contracts and vows.

There energies stay with you, in your energetic structure, and have to be released, in order for you to be free for love, once more.

Such energies may even be affecting you physically, as physical pain, for example.

This session will help you to:

- break negative patterns in relationship

- open to up to new possibilities

- find what you are looking for in relationship.

It's up to you define your goals.

How much happiness would you like in relationship?

12. Become the keeper of your family.

Are you a leader?

Now that you have a way to heal the past and restore balance in your family system, you can lead the way.

Every family needs a guardian, a protector of peace and harmony.

Once balance has been restored energetically, it's easier for each family member to fulfill their role.

As a keeper of your family, you can be the one who gives the impulse for peace to be restored, if something goes amiss.

Watch this session to experience what it feels like to be the Keeper of your Family, and benefit from greater:

- clarity of mind

- strength of character

- joy and positivity.

You have the power to make a very worthwhile contribution.

You are a gift to your family.

13. Connect to the power of your ancestors.

You don't have to do it alone.

Once you've transformed the negativity, your ancestral field can be the source of great wisdom and power for you.

Now that you have released the negative attachments, you can create new, positive connections to gain an advantage in life.

Watching this session will help you activate more:

- positive character traits

- abundance and ease

- focus and intelligence

so that you become more effective at everything you do.

Life is easier when a great power has your back.








Claim your birthright with

The Power of the Ancestors!


"The Power of the Ancestors has led me through a birth into my birthright and into my power.

Deep pain and ancient blockages begin to release.

The sessions are also triggering a lot of change and healing in my family of origin and the family I went on to create.

I am amazed and excited about the new things that are coming to me!

I feel how my body and also my energy field is expanding more and more.

There is a natural flow. It feels pleasant and light. I had pain for years because the energy was so congested...

Now I come into my power!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Your sessions are like an elixir of life for me."

- Sandra


"I almost cannot put into words what happened during this session.

My whole body reacted, from hot to cold, yawning and tremors... I think I went into a was indescribably peaceful, calm, balanced and very beautiful.

I felt that I had a glow on my face almost all the time. My paternal grandfather appeared to me very clearly — I hadn't met him in real life, sadly, because he had to go to war as a young man and never came back.

He radiated so much love. I am just crying tears of joy.

Thank you very much, dear Andreas, for this wonderful experience. I am glad that you exist."

- Angela


"I have become aware of how much resistance I had against my incarnation(s)!

I realized I was very critical with myself and could not really love myself, which was reflected in my life!

It caused me a lot of pain in my body.

I couldn't sleep properly lately, was totally exhausted and discouraged this morning.

Now the pain and tension are gone, I feel light and free.

My breath is flowing freely and there are tingles everywhere. It's like waking up from a bad dream...

Layers of confusion are falling away...with your work the painful emotions are really releasing from the body...what an amazing solution!

Thank you, thank you, thank you... Tomorrow my cousin is coming to visit and I was about to cancel, because I was feeling so bad! Now everything is clear, she may come and I will receive her with joy because I have forgiven myself."

- Regina


"I was able to experience deep peace.

My parents-in-law and also my sister-in-law had totally rejected me. I was treated with contempt for 20 years... I experience only contempt and rejection.

In Session 3, I saw a scene from a past life... Thanks to your work, I was no longer a victim, but a spectator of my own execution...

I know that I was innocent and I was aware that the condemnation came from my husband's family.

Did I make a decision or an inner judgment at that time, which accompanies me until today?

Towards the end, the melody of your song changed and I felt a deep peace inside me.

I know that something in me is healed and I am deeply grateful."

- Karen


"Thank you so much for the wonderfully helpful sessions, they have brought me a total change.

All my life I have felt excluded, pushed aside, treated with contempt by my family and relatives (I had assumed, my ancestors too).

The sessions brought about a complete turnaround. I now feel I belong, fully accepted and loved.

I felt the message in my body: it has always been this way, I just could not feel it.

Now ALL is well. I am finally free from limitations and happy in the energy field of all my ancestral lines.

My heartfelt thanks to you, Andreas, for the healing work you do and the way you do it."

- Heli


"Andreas Goldemann has the special talent to go into the depth of the consciousness of an individual to clear disharmony... I've been with countless healers for the past 20 years, but he's by far the most talented I've ever encountered."

Kristin Nygard
Unity Church of Today, Mt Vernon WA

From free spirit to healing with spirit. 

Andreas Goldemann's gift was noticed early on.

Even as a young child, family and friends came to him to receive healing. Being in his presence was all it took to get better.

But Andreas wanted to live a free life.

Free-spirited and adventurous, he set off to discover the world in his own terms. He indulged his passion for motorcycles and the great outdoors, setting aside his intuitive ability and spiritual calling.

His youthful adventures came at a cost, however. 

Andreas suffered one accident after the other, multiple injuries and painful surgeries that left lingering pain and restricted mobility.

Still, he resisted.

The more he tried to escape his true mission, the more troubled his life became.

Relationships ended in heartbreak, finances hit rock bottom, and he was left feeling depressed, hopeless and in pain.

This was his wake up call.

It didn't take long to turn his life around. 

The first step was to reconnect with spirit and commit to healing himself.

Using his unique healing abilities, Andreas Goldemann guided himself to recovery.

He regained full mobility and was pain-free once again.

More importantly, Andreas found the inner peace that had eluded him in his escapist years, and healed his emotional pain.

As more and more people came to him for healing, Andreas Goldemann honed his talent further, effecting amazing transformations.

With every year that followed and the countless cases that came to him, Andreas deepened his understanding of what causes human suffering and how to alleviate it.

An exceptional life. 

Working with a great number of professional coaches, healers and trainers, Andreas Goldemann became recognised as a "healers' healer" and a "specialist of exceptional skills".

Today, at age 50, Andreas enjoys better health and is more vibrant than in his 20s. He enjoys building motorcycles, designing furniture, travelling and spending time in nature. 

Most importantly, he shares his extraordinary healing gift helping to transform thousands of lives through his online programmes.

His dream is for a world where every man and woman is empowered to live their highest calling — and to do so happily, with freedom, joy and ease.

Andreas Goldemann is here to remind you: 

it's your time to shine!

Shine Your Light With

The Power of the Ancestors


1. Be proud of yourself.

Carry yourself with pride in the knowledge that you have found the solution to your family and ancestral burdens.

The healing and happiness you bring to your loved ones will reward you even more than the peace you find in your heart with The Power of the Ancestors.

You will stand tall and know yourself to be good and worthy, once you have healed your family system and ancestral field and connected to all the positive qualities of your family and ancestry.

Be proud of yourself for healing the past and becoming a positive agent of change.


2. Be empowered.

Shake off the shackles of negative programs and inherited pain, and stand in your sovereign power.

Perhaps for the first time, you can look up and see life full of opportunities and abundance, instead of problems and lack.

By restoring your Divine blueprint of unconditional love, abundance and joy, The Power of the Ancestors empowers you to create your best life.

No longer a burden, your family and ancestral field becomes a source of wisdom and strength: nothing will faze you again.


3. Be loved.

No more past hurts and dysfunction ruining your relationships.

Love and intimacy will be completely transformed, when you're no longer under the negative influence of the past.

Not only will you be more loving, you will be open to receive so much more love with the Power of the Ancestors.

You will see every relationship with new eyes and bring a new energy to your connections, when you have restored balance and peace within you and in your family system.



4. Be connected.

Say goodbye to loneliness and disconnection.

The Power of the Ancestors releases the negative energies that keep you unseen, unheard and unappreciated.

Your loved ones can finally see you for who you really are, and you can relax and enjoy a new sense of belonging.

You will also become very attractive to new, positive people, who genuinely appreciate you and want to bring more value into your life.


5. Be a winner.

Let life be a breeze with The Power of the Ancestors.

As you progress through the sessions, you will feel lighter and freer, and have much more energy to pursue your goals.

Free from inherited misfortune and limitations, you can finally have luck on your side.

It becomes easier to find yourself at the right place at the right time, connect with the right people and maximise your impact, as more and more helpful coincidences arise.


6. Be an example.

When you shine your light, you inspire others to do the same.

You can have your big breakthrough and become a wonderful role model for others.

With The Power of the Ancestors, you are no longer stuck, repeating old patterns blindly.

Carve your own, unique path in life and leave a legacy that makes you and your family proud.

"I feel as though I've been born again... so much happier and more welcome, as though everything in me is connected again. There's so much more space for love inside me!"


"I'm especially grateful for the resolution of the issue with my mother-in-law. I was moved to tears. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"Magic?! Out of nowhere, just as I start to heal my connection with my ancestors, I find out my grandmother had set up an account for me. There's 3000 Euros inside: exactly the amount I need right now for the repair of my car!"


"After so many and deep entanglements, freedom is slowly arriving in me... I am already feeling great relief in my relationship, which had been painfully on-off for a long time. It's now entering more peaceful waters. Thank you very much!"


"I am a single born twin —  my mother had tried to have an abortion and my brother's fetus did not survive that. During the clearing session, I perceived myself as a soul hand in hand with my brother's soul. We watched our mother trying to have an abortion. There was deep fear that we would lose each other, and then a deep grief in me, when I had to remain alone in my incarnation into my body. I have always felt a stranger in the family. Thank you for the opportunity to heal this."


"I was able to forgive my grandmother during the session. Until that moment, I hadn't realized how much resentment I'd been holding, how I rejected her. I was finally able to open my heart to her. I feel that this has opened the connection to my other ancestors too and feel deep peace within me. Thank you!"


"I am infinitely grateful to you for this work... New, unusual feelings are emerging in me such as bliss, oneness... a deeply touching emotional joy... awe and respect... appreciation, mercy and compassion. I feel blessed to be able to be a part of this."



Discover a new way of being with

The Power of the Ancestors!



The Power of the Ancestors is a comprehensive solution to finding peace in your family

Included in this program:

13 Video Sessions with Intuitive, Andreas Goldemann


No need for you to make a big effort, take time off work, or travel far from home. 

The program is delivered to you one session at a time. Sit back, relax and watch the videos at a pace that suits you. 

Transformation takes place as you watch and listen!

Emotional Release Practice helps you heal every significant relationship


Andreas Goldemann shares with you a powerful way to heal every significant relationship.

This healing tool ensures you are never at a loss, not knowing how to heal a relationship.

Put yourself at the driver's seat, be happy and free.

Immediate access to all the sessions, always restore peace

Andreas Goldemann works with energy, which means that this program is always effective without space or time restrictions. 

Use The Power of the Ancestors anytime you want to restore balance and peace.

You're welcome to share your program with your loved ones.

Pricing Options

Sign up for The Power of the Ancestors and make a substantial saving with our Limited Time Offer, backed by a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

3 Monthly Payments

3 x $90 net


instead of $937

Save $667

Single Payment

$250 net


instead of $850

Save $600

12 Monthly Payments

12 x $25 net


instead of $977

Save $677

Three-Part Bonus Course included with

The Power of the Ancestors




Session 1:

Life is Good


Has life dealt you a bad hand?

Not enough money, love, energy?

Watch this session to embody a whole new way of being — and manifest it in your life.

Smile again, as the joy of life returns and you see beauty around you.

New possibilities will become apparent to you, and you will be in the right state of mind to take action and change your life for the better.

You will:

- feel better in your body

- sleep better

- be more positive and solution-oriented.

Life is good, when you have aligned with abundance, good fortune and joy!


Session 2:



Are fears and worries holding you back?

Do you overthink and criticize yourself to a standstill?

This session helps you trust yourself and life again.

Breathe easily, move freely, feel confident and happy, just being yourself.

The universe will support you in more ways than you can imagine, as you relax into a deeper acceptance of yourself and life.

This session will bring out your:

- authenticity

- healthy self-esteem

- playfulness and joy.

When you trust, life rewards you with more reasons to feel happy and loved.


Session 3:

Let Go


Is control (too much, not enough) a problem for you?

Do you have trouble letting go of things, people, ways of thinking — even when you know they have to go?

This session helps you to clear your mind, and create space for fresh energy and new experiences in your life.

Become light and free again, revitalise yourself, as you release your hold on others and others' hold on you.

As you let go of negative attachments, you can welcome new positive people, ideas, resources into your life.

By watching this session, you will:

- become more focussed and grounded

- have clarity and mental space

- experience self-love and inner bliss.

Let go and open to the richness to life, and all that truly fulfils you.

"Simply awesome. There is so much to think about, so many new connections, seeing family and society differently. Thank you so much, this is great."


"Thank you, it was a great: a great leap into freedom. Old bonds and limitations have been resolved. Super!"


"Highly recommended... I was able to resolve many old, stressful topics, connections, energies... The result is free spaces filled with light and love. Thank you very much."


"I am deeply moved by the impact of this work. I feel good, strong and secure inside of me and I'm just happy and satisfied. Many, many thanks to you, dear Andreas!"








It's never been easier to restore balance and inner peace.


Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Who is this programme for? Will it work for me?

A. The Power of the Ancestors is designed for everyone who wants to heal family relationships.

Andreas Goldemann assists you in clearing blocks and restoring balance to your family system, no matter what your specific circumstances.

The Power of the Ancestors empowers you to take charge for your own happiness and peace of mind.

At the same time, you are helping your entire family heal.

Some people experience results straight away. For others, it may take longer.

If your energy is completely blocked, you may not see noteworthy results until after you have completed the entire program.

As long as you stay committed to completing the program, you will experience improvements.


Q. Is it really so easy to use?

A. The Power of the Ancestors is unlike everything else on the market.

It’s very different from other types of healing, self-help methods and online courses you may have come across, perhaps tried already.

With other methods and courses, you have to learn the method first, then get to work on yourself to see any benefit.

With The Power of the Ancestors, you don’t have to make such an effort to see the benefits.

Thanks to Andreas Goldemann's unique gift, the transformation takes place through watching the video sessions.

Stay present and open, and that’s it! You enjoy the benefits.

Any self-help tools and practices Andreas Goldemann shares with you are an added bonus.


Q. I don't believe in energy. Is there any scientific device that shows it exists?

A. Yes, there is.

This is a very exciting time in human history. Modern science is catching up with ancient wisdom, such as the Taoist understanding of energy that underpins Chinese Traditional Medicine, and to confirm this with empirical evidence.

We can now measure the otherwise invisible energy field that permeates our visible, material existence. 

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov has created such a device, a gas discharge visualisation (GDV) instrument and specially designed sensors that can measure the Human Energy Field (HEF), as well as ambient electromagnetic fields, for example, the energy in a room.

This revolutionary technology has already been tested and verified clinically by hundreds of medical doctors with many thousands of patients over a period of 15 years, and is a certified medical instrument in Europe.

This just one example — there is much more research going on, notably in Quantum Physics and Quanutm Mechanics, and new technologies are being developed in several countries around the world. 

Ultimately, the best proof is your own experience. 

Even if you don't fully understand energy and Andreas Goldemann's  intuitive gift, the shifts you will experience by using this program will more than convince you that you are more energy than you think!


Q. I'm not so good with technology. Will I be able to use the program?

A. Yes. We're here to help.

As soon as you complete your order, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions on how to access your program.

You will also receive our contact details for technical support and administrative queries.

If you encounter any difficulty, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.





Too late to heal your family?

Not with The Power of the Ancestors.

A life-changing opportunity you don't want to miss.

If things are not working out so well for you — if you're unhappy in your family, or struggling in other areas, at work, around money or physical well-being — it's almost certainly because of the same energetic blocks and misalignments.

Faced with such challenges, many people resign to failure or compromise.

They live smaller lives.

But that's because they don't have this deeper understanding of energy that you now have.

They don't know that help is at hand.

Andreas Goldemann clears the hidden, negative energies that are keeping you stuck.

He restores balance and flow in your own structure, body, mind and soul, as well as in your entire family and ancestral system.

By the time you complete The Power of the Ancestors, you'll feel reborn.

Once you're aligned with your original Divine blueprint and the energy starts to flow freely, you will see things differently.

You will have a wider perspective, think more clearly, and can take advantage of the new opportunities that naturally come to you.

You won't just heal your family relationships.

You will have better focus and more energy to put to every important relationship, to your career, creative projects, and everything that matters to you.

You can make a bigger impact.

Make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

And enjoy life in the process.

So, please, don't waste another moment.

Problems won't just go away by themselves.

And you won't get the results you want, if you don't address the root cause of your problems: negative energies in your system.

The reason you’re stuck where you are is because you’re dealing with blocked energy —which you don't have a way to release. 

Andreas Goldemann offers you a solution it would be crazy to miss.

You can use it yourself and share it with your loved ones. 

What are you waiting for?

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